Mia Services

The quality of the services we offer and your satisfaction are constantly in our minds: WiFi broadband, Canal + and Net, Air conditioning, Bedding, but also ...

Hosting Certificate for your Visa

Airport Shuttle

Assistance with administrative procedures (1 year visa, license...)

Car rental with trusted partners

Organizing your trips in the country

Organizing your professional events (seminars, training, meals, etc.)

Help looking for housing for our hosts migrating to Abdijan

Help with hiring house staff

Visite de la ville et les alentour (Ile Boulay, Grand Bassam, Assinie, Yamoussoukro...)Visit of the city and its surroundings (Boulay Island, Grand Bassam, Assinie, Yamoussoukro ...)


The pool is open for your relaxation and refreshment, often welcome under the sunshine of Abidjan!

And between two swims, you can seat and have a drink under the trees while sending pictures to your jealous friends on Facebook using ourBroadband Wifi connection...


In order to make your life easier and for you to stay connected, we'll freely make available:

  • Cell phone with a local SIM card and prepaid subscription that you can refill for your local or international calls
  • USB 3G + and prepaid subscription that you can refill to connect your computer while you travel outside the Villa


May come handy during the rainy season!